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DSI a.k.a. Dirigo Solutions, Inc is a Maine family owned company with multiple locations. DSI services and supplies information technology solutions to people and businesses globally. 

From sales of consumer technology products and residential technology services to global business services by way of sales, support, programming, and hosting. DSI supports all the major business verticals and has played a key role in providing solutions that hundreds of thousands of people everyday interact with. Solutions that are depended on medically. Solutions to manufacturers that function to provide common consumable products to the public. Solutions that allow your voice to be heard when it is time to vote. Solutions that help make travel safer. Just to name a few.

We strive for enterprise level service that is both logical and economical. 


NAME: Dirigo


[dee-ri-goh; English dir-i-goh]


To direct or lead. 



DSI brings comprehensible information technology solutions where there is need. We do this without clouding the solution by educating our employees and customers of solution options and taking the time to work through the questions. We keep the competitive edge sharp to allow growth and opportunity.



Started in the fall of 2005 by Steve Tibbetts d/b/a Dragon PC as more of a hobby. A part time offering to help friends and family and friends of family and friends of friends. It wasn't long before Mr. Tibbetts started helping business customers. 

Mr. Tibbetts has worked in the IT industry for many years. Introduced to computers by a schoolmate and life long friend Stephen R. Goodyear at age 13. Goodyear and Tibbetts worked together evaluating security protocols of institutions and businesses with custom software written in Basic. As a teenager Mr. Tibbetts worked for Radio Shack and Rent A Center supporting system setups, configuration, and break fix. He also set up and supported bulletin board systems (BBS - pre public internet).

Over the years Mr. Tibbetts has worked for large companies helping with rollouts and system upgrades. In 1998 he started a small company similar to DSI, but personal life events changed his goals and priorities, he closed the business.

In 2007 Dragon PC became Dirigo IT and took on a more serious role of business support. Still as a secondary to his primary employment it wasn't until February 2008 that Dirigo Solutions went full time. Bothered by the business practices of his now competitor, Steve knew there was a better way and decided to put integrity ahead of profit by dedicating his efforts into Dirigo Solutions. 

In September of 2010 Dirigo Solutions incorporated in the State of Maine and started hiring full time employees. The company had grown quickly with the primary focus on business services and support. Dirigo Solutions created database software for hospitals, state use, and mental health agencies. Dirigo Solutions supported manufacturing and production companies. It was this time that Dirigo Solutions built a server farm and started offering hosting services.

August 2013 Dirigo Solutions opens its first store to the general public to enhance its repertoire. It was felt the store would represent something better than half guessed solutions provided by hobbyists and full circle options that big box fails to provide. In that same year the alias DSI was added to the articles of incorporation. 

With the success of the first store and overall success of the company DSI has changed tactics a bit. Beyond providing an array of products and services in high regard, DSI is working to become an authority of information technology in our categories of expertise. DSI would like to become a household name and open more stores and service centers in easy to reach locations.