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DSI a.k.a. Dirigo Solutions, Inc is a Maine family owned company with multiple locations. DSI services and supplies information technology solutions to people and businesses globally. 

From sales of consumer technology products and residential technology services to global business services by way of sales, support, programming, and hosting. DSI supports all the major business verticals and has played a key role in providing solutions that hundreds of thousands of people everyday interact with. Solutions that are depended on medically. Solutions to manufacturers that function to provide common consumable products to the public. Solutions that allow your voice to be heard when it is time to vote. Solutions that help make travel safer. Just to name a few.

We strive for enterprise level service that is both logical and economical. 


NAME: Dirigo


[dee-ri-goh; English dir-i-goh]


To direct or lead. 



DSI brings comprehensible information technology solutions where there is need. We do this without clouding the solution by educating our employees and customers of solution options and taking the time to work through the questions. We keep the competitive edge sharp to allow growth and opportunity.