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Lifetime Cabling Warranty

Last Edited: September 1, 2015

DSI warrants that all cabling installed and terminated by DSI considered permanently installed is guaranteed against defects or failure for life. This warranty includes all low voltage data cabling. This warranty does NOT include cabling considered temporary such as patch cables or short length cables that are not intended to be affixed or permanent in nature. Permanent cabling is considered cable that is installed within a structure and is intended to become part of the structure's infrastructure. Cable considered permanent for the sake of this warranty is cabling that passes through walls, ceilings, flooring or other structural elements and affixed to the structure and terminated and capped by a wall plate or surface mount box, or some other permanent capping method.

This warranty will NOT cover installations or cabling that becomes damaged due to war, fire, flood, other acts of God, sabotage, labor disturbance, government regulations, or other government intervention. Furthermore, this warranty becomes null and void if cable installation as a whole or any part thereof is serviced, modified, moved, or damaged in any way by a service provider or entity other than DSI or DSI's contracted affiliates. This is includes, but is not limited to, the customer and/or owner of said cabling or structure upon which cabling dwells. 

Requests for warranty claim will be handled exclusively by DSI or at DSI's sole discretion a contracted DSI affiliate. Claims will be processed with a no questions asked policy in which DSI will determine the nature of the failure by way of evaluation and testing of claimed cable installation. Upon determining cause of failure DSI will at its sole discretion grant or deny claim. Claims will be denied if claim fails to meet any terms set forth in this warranty. Granted claims must be accompanied by documentation such as a receipt which without a doubt proves DSI not only provided cabling, but also solely and completely installed said cabling. Granted claims will result in repair or replacement of cable installation at no cost to the customer for equipment or labor.