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Remote Support

DSI can service your workstations, laptops and servers from our location without anyone having to go anywhere. It virtually puts us right there at the device that needs service. 

This service reduces cost and drastically improves response time. Essentially you get faster service at a lower cost without sacrificing quality of service. Once a remote session is established we can start resolving the issue right away. 

As always your privacy is important to us, our remote connection to you is secure and is encrypted. This connection is temporary and once a connection is established we will ask you for a key to let us in. This key is regenerated for each session and expires at the close of the session. Once the session closes we will not be able to get back into your system without you starting a new session. 


If instructed to do so by DSI click one of the links below.  

For more information about remote support click here


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Windows (Executable)
Mac & Linux (Java)
Non Admin (Executable)
Older Support Software