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Block Time

A lot of our clients are with us for duration. Not specifically for a project or a fix, but rather ongoing IT support and council for conceivably the life of their organization and beyond. To show our appreciation for such a commitment, DSI offers what we call Block Time. The concept is simple. Discounted rates for prepaid service.

One of the benefits of Block Time is priority service. When a Block Time client requests service or needs support that request is placed ahead of all others. In fact, it is our obligation to answer the call within an agreed amount of time.

Another key point, money is more or less taken out of the equation. The service rates are discounted and the savings are very substantial. We have seen as much as $4000 in savings in a single instance. Because the service is prepaid you don't have to think about what the cost will be to utilize us the next time an issue or question comes up. 

Block Time covers all labor services. Onsite, programming, remote support, in-house, repair, setup, installs, etcetera. It never expires and can be added to at any time. Block Time can be thought of as an insurance policy of sorts. 

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