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We build roads!

Well, at least that's how we think of it. We do low voltage cabling otherwise known as data cabling to allow packets of information to 'travel' from one location to another. So you can see how we think of it as roads. These information highways we build are perfect for your home network or entertainment system, security system, or even your phones.

We use only the highest rated materials from only the proven best manufacturers that utilize the latest technical specs. We do this so you can enjoy your investment for years to come. In fact we are so confident about our cabling that we back it with an unbeatable lifetime warranty! Cable installs can be a substantial investment and we want you to rest assured knowing that you have gotten quality that will go the distance. If at anytime our cabling fails to perform as purchased we will replace the cable free of charge*, no questions asked.

Types of cable that we install at the listed price:

  • CAT6 / CAT5e - CM / Riser (CMR) Network Cable
  • RG6 / RG11 / RG59 / HDMI - Coax / Video
  • CAT3 / CAT2 / CAT1 - Telephone Cable
  • 18 AWG / 22 AWG (2, 3, 4, 6, 8 Conductor) - Security
  • 16 AWG / 18 AWG (2 Conductor) Audio Speaker

Our cabling service is perfect for; a new home (finished or under construction), an existing home, a home being renovated, new additions to a home, installing a new HD antenna, setting up wireless hotspots, access points, and wireless bridges, extending a network, adding phones, installing security alarms and cameras, adding a TV to a room, installing an audio system or extending system range and even for HVAC and fire systems.

The cost not only covers the installation but the cable and material for cable termination and mounting as well. 

Other cable types can be installed. Pricing varies depending on the cable.

Other cable types include:

  • Fiber Optic / Composite Fiber
  • Fire: 14 AWG / 16 AWG / 18 AWG (2, 4 Conductor) - Composite / FPLR (Riser) / FPLP (Plenum)
  • CAT7 / CAT6 / CAT5 - Composite / Shielded / UV / Plenum (CMP) / Shielded Riser (CMR)
  • Telephony: CAT3 - (25, 50, 100 Pair) Riser (CMR) / Plenum (CMP) / Burial
  • Speaker: 12 AWG / 14 AWG / Composite - 2 and 4 Conductor
  • RS232 v.24 COMM

We start by consulting with you and preplanning the project. We determine what your goals are answer any of your questions and ask some of our own. Once we are all on the same page a service appointment is scheduled and we get to work. Time is dependent on the scale of the project, but on average each cable run takes about 2 hours start to finish. This is a flat rate service and we won't bill you for time.

What you get... mouse over for more info.

■ Your choice of cable installed...

■ Cable termination and testing...

■ Material and presentation...

■ Lifetime warranty...

@Your Place


Some services are limited depending on how they are being performed, Remotely vs @Your Place vs @Our Place. Shown pricing does not include parts that may be needed to complete service.

* This service can only be performed via the methods listed for obvious reasons or because DSI feels the service cannot be performed effectively by other means.