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Data Backup or Transfer

Data transfer simply put is moving data from one location to another. This could be for backup purposes or to free up space or even just to share data with those you love. The reasons are plenty. DSI is equipped to transfer your data from pretty much any device or media to whatever you would like it transferred to. 

We have moved data from failing drives. We have moved data from older systems that have been replaced with newer systems. We have even transferred video data from 8mm video cassettes to dvd.

If it's some form of data and you need it in another location, chances are we can do it.

As part of the service, your data is filtered through antivirus channels to ensure the data is clean. If necessary, the cost of the service covers 1 dual layer DVD for storage of up to 8.5GB of data. Additional disks or portable storage is always available at a small price if needed.‚Äč

What you get... mouse over for more info.

■ Data moved or copied from one source to another storage medium...

■ Safe data piece of mind...

■ Automated backup software setup...

■ 1 DVD-DL capable of storing up to 8.5GB of data...

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Some services are limited depending on how they are being performed, Remotely vs @Your Place vs @Our Place. Shown pricing does not include parts that may be needed to complete service.