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Disaster Prevention

DSI believes the relationship between people and technology needs to be a proactive one.

We could just sit around and wait for something to go wrong before taking action. Something will go wrong, it will happen, it's inevitable. However, the problem with waiting until failure occurs is that it usually causes more damage and loss overall. Damage and loss that could have been prevented. This only inflates the cost and time involved with a resolution. Wouldn't it be great to know that your investments are protected and safeguarded against havoc wreaking malady? 

Dirigo Disaster Prevention is a program developed for just that purpose. A proactive insurance of sorts to keep the most important technology in your organization running effectively and efficiently, which ultimately thwarts large catastrophic events. If a failure should occur, your recovery costs are covered by the program. Isn't that fantastic?

You get piece of mind that your server, with our direction and attention, is running at the top of it's game. You can rest assured knowing that your laptop is covered if it is dropped. You have the satisfaction in knowing that when your equipment fails for whatever reason, DSI will pay for the resolution.

Hard drive failed? No problem it's on us. Power supply failed? No problem it's on us. Virus infection? No problem it's on us. Lost, stolen, damaged? No problem, it's on us.

This really is a simple solution to an everyday problem. For more information contact us.

Level I: Basic Protection: $29.95/mo, 50% Coverage

Level II: Advanced Protection: $49.95/mo, 75% Coverage

Level III: Complete Protection: $89.95/mo, 100% Coverage