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Email Setup

Need an email account or need an email account setup on your computer? DSI can help with that.

An email account is required for signing up with most online services today. We can get you setup with a free account from a provider of your choice and show you how to access and use the account. 

Electronic mail is a common thing these days and is borderline a necessity. Fast communication is paramount. 

If you already have an email account and just need the account setup in your email client software or device we can do that too. 

We can setup Outlook, Live Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, Mac Mail, (pretty much any email client) on your desktop, laptop, all-in-one, cell phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, Kindle, and more. 

What you get... mouse over for more info.

■ A free email account or use an existing...

■ Email Client Setup...

■ Basic email knowledge for use...

■ Validation of service...

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@Your Place




Some services are limited depending on how they are being performed, Remotely vs @Your Place vs @Our Place. Shown pricing does not include parts that may be needed to complete service.