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Equipment Recycling

Responsible equipment recycling is both a civic duty and a business safeguard. On one hand you have an obligation to the community to represent a moral value and on the other hand you have confidential and private trade secrets and client information to be concerned about. The equipment could be brought to a transfer station to be recycled at a cost, but is your data safe?

Simply deleting files from a computer doesn't protect that critical data. When a file is deleted from a system, truth be told it's not really deleted. The data is simply marked for overwrite and removed from the drive index. Those deleted files can easily be recovered with very little effort using freely available recovery software. That's certainly something to consider before your next dump run.

To simplify things, consider having your equipment recycled with a company that understands these critical points. A company that is both equipped and specialized in the professional processing of electronic waste and data security.  

DSI offers free electronic waste disposal. For a couple systems you can stop by any of our locations during business hours. If you have several systems or a load that will require the use of equipment or trucks we can come to you.

Any digital waste managed by us is properly cataloged and processed. Hard drives are physically destroyed to protect privacy and the components are broken down to be recycled following industry guidelines as well as federal, and state laws which vary by component. A certificate of recycling can be issued upon request.

The system's elements will have new life as brand new components. The landfills stay cleaner which helps to keep the planet a happy place. And you can breathe easier knowing you did the right thing to make a difference.

Contact us today for more information.