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Memory Install

Random access memory (RAM) is a system cache subset responsible for holding operating system and currently used application data temporarily. The idea is that electronically requesting read/write data is much faster than a physical read/write. Generally speaking it is similar to the difference between sending an email and physically mailing a letter.

It is unanimously agreed that a memory upgrade is the single most cost effective upgrade available. Operating systems are extremely hungry for memory. The more RAM an OS can allocate the less virtual memory will be required. Virtual memory is a portion of your hard drive used for memory tasks when the physical memory is consumed. You will be amazed at the difference a memory upgrade can make to your system's performance. 

RAM is available in many different sizes, shapes, and styles. We stock most common types. Let DSI match memory that is proper for your system. We will install it and fully test it's functionality. To you, it will probably feel like a whole new system.

What you get... mouse over for more info.

■ Memory installation...

■ Installation validation...

■ A brighter look at your system...

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Some services are limited depending on how they are being performed, Remotely vs @Your Place vs @Our Place. Shown pricing does not include parts that may be needed to complete service.

* This service can only be performed via the methods listed for obvious reasons or because DSI feels the service cannot be performed effectively by other means.