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Offsite Backup

Your data is arguably your single most important asset. Unfortunately, more often than not, it is the least respected and least protected element of most organizations. A good backup solution and disaster recovery plan is crucial.

Imagine for a moment, the server your important documents, client information, and accounting data resides on becomes infected by an encryption style virus (this does happen). What would you do?

Perhaps you run nightly backups locally. To a NAS device or backup drive. What would you do if an 'act of god' or man made disaster crippled your location. Have you thought about business continuity?

DSI's Offsite Backup service is designed with these kind of worse case scenarios in mind. The service offers you data security and integrity for when things potentially get bad and convenience and piece of mind while things are good. It features automated backup of your encrypted data over a secure connection to our cloud servers on a nightly basis. Our staff are notified immediately if a backup fails or encounters a problem so corrective steps can be taken and data integrity can be maintained. Once the service is in place and set up, no action is required on your part for successful data safety.

Your data is encrypted using the 'Advanced Encryption Standard' (AES) as established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and polished with an RSA algorithm before transmission to our servers. This results in 1024 bit data encryption that is fundamentally indecipherable without the private key. A key that is known only to and safeguarded by you. Not even DSI can decrypt your data without your explicit permission and key.

Should the worst happen, with our service, your data is available at a moments notice, either electronically or physically.

Contact us today for more information about this service and to answer questions you may have.


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