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Security and Cameras

Your assets are important. Can you watch over them all, 24 hours a day? How do you keep them protected? Is it effective? Is there a better option? Is it possible for you to operate without your assets?

Important questions, but not as important as the answers to those questions. DSI can help stiffen your defense and bring accountability to your benefit. 

We can guide you to the security you need. We have scalable camera solutions to monitor and record activity around the valuables in your world. Camera systems that can be accessible to you globally. You could view your locations remotely while vacationing in Hawaii using your smart phone on the beach. Record motion detected in complete darkness automatically, with high definition clarity and be notified immediately of that activity. There is no contention when cameras are involved. No more having to chose a side based on statements or opinion. Let the video show the proof.

Points of entry can be setup with RF readers that require programmable security cards to pass. You could use biometric devices to secure the most sensitive areas, only allowing entry to those with a matching fingerprint. How about door locks on a timer set to lock and unlock at specified times. You could even unlock any door from thousands of miles away for a service technician to enter and do his job.

What if authorities could be automatically notified if there was a break in or a fire?

Let DSI consult with you about the right security options for your business or organization. Contact us today.