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Boolean Search

Finalized by: Steve T on August 23, 2015

BOOLEAN search allows operators to help refine results. 

A simple search for "Kermit the frog" may result in an incomprehensible amount of matches. If we include some operators the results will change. Let's change the search to "Kermit -the -frog". This will omit matches that have the words "the" and the word "frog" thus greatly manipulating the results.

Another example would be use of the + operator. So the new search "+Kermit the frog" would yield only results that include the word "Kermit".

Operators can be combined to request logical results. A search for "-Kermit the +frog" would only return results that does NOT include the word "Kermit" and results that DO include the word "frog". 

One thing to keep note of, searches are NOT case sensitive. A search for "KERMIT THE FROG" will yield the same results as "KeRmIt ThE fRoG". At least that is the case when searching the DSI website. I cannot speak for others, but I can say that case insensitive is a common truth among search engines.

There are several different operators that can be used to granulate your search results. 

Here is a list of operates that work on our website.


Operator Description
+ Include, word must be present.
Exclude, word must not be present.
> Include, and increase ranking value.
< Include, and decrease ranking value.
() Group words into sub expressions (allowing them to be included, excluded, ranked, and so forth as a group).
~ Negate a word’s ranking value.
* Wildcard at end of word.
“” Defines a phrase (as opposed to a list of individual words, the entire phrase is matched for inclusion or exclusion).