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Software Articles

Software or more specifically, software applications can be thought of as a translator or even a mediator. Essentially, it takes data either supplied or stored and interprets that that data as instructions to be processed by the hardware for a purpose. 

Available in several categories software is typically composed with a primary goal in mind. That goal could be entertainment, office productivity, or image processing to name a few. The broader the range of software, the more capable hardware becomes. 

The first implementations of software were rudimentary at best, though so was the hardware. Ada Lovelace writes the algorithm by which Charles Babbage's computer the 'Analytical Engine' uses to process software presented on punch cards. Coining her as the first computer programmer. And so it begins.

DSI U in this section, will offer help, how tos and information about specific software applications. Things like configuration for Outlook email or how Chrome works compared to Internet Explorer.